It’s a sad truth, this, Ann.
Julia E Hubbel

Absolutely! It’s one of the first tennents of nursing. Someone is always lying about something. They may not think the lie matters. But you wait for the truth to come out. It could be about when they ate last, or if they smoke (you can always tell a smoker in the OR by the way they come out of anesthesia- coughing up a storm with a certain type of cough) or how much they drank, or they leave something out of their history. People self edit. And we do it internally as well. It may be a change in our narratives about our pasts, or a slightly less harsh or more harsh version of reality — because people can self flagellate as well. The truth is often somewhere in between the views of the people who were actually living the circumstance at the time it happened. Not really either opinions’ of the events that occurred. Because of the filters we apply at the time and after each time we replay the reel in our minds.

Thanks as always for such a great response. Always giving so much to ponder! :)

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