Anger Issues

Art By Grand Children

I’ve been pondering again. All this business with the National Anthem and such. I don’t even watch football any more, I haven’t had cable in years. But the thing which I’ve been fascinated by is the amount of anger people are willing to verbalize over this.

And they want you to be angry too. I don’t even think they care which side you’re on, as long as you’re angry. People like me, who aren’t angry, who don’t really see this as a big deal — really piss them off to an entirely new level. Both sides.

Yes, people are protesting. That’s their right under the constitution. Great.

No, they shouldn’t be fired. See above.

Everyone calm down.

We’ve been protesting shit in this country since those boys in Boston threw the very first tea party before we were even an official country. Its in our DNA to bitch about stuff and our fore fathers knew it. So they made it one of our inalienable rights, dammit.

But usually people aren’t pissed off about everyone protesting or having a different opinion about things, because, well — it’s what we do here in this mish mash country of individuals. The anger is new.

How do you deal with so much anger? Daily? Coming at you from all sides? About every damn thing?

I have decided to pick my battles very careful these days because it seems, having reasonable discussions with people is a thing of the past. Life is full of land mines now. And unless you know someone and their belief system intimately, just don’t go there. Talk about how cute their grand kids are. That’s my usual go to ‘safe’ subject.

The other thing I have started doing is this — I pour love on everything. I know it sounds corny, but it’s all I got. There is so much unrest out there, I’m at a complete loss as to how to help the world. Except love.

Love works. Even against internet trolls. Trust me. The three strongest words out there right now are these — I forgive you. I used them the other day on Facebook with someone who was determined to drag me into one of those endless debates where no one wins because she really wanted to make sure everyone knew she was right and I was wrong. I didn’t play. I simply said — ‘this is me. I know you want me to think like you but I don’t. And I forgive you for that’. And BAM! Complete silence after that.

No one who is angry has a come back for forgiveness. It. Is. Magic.

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