Shhh, You’re My Favorite…

I love Saturdays.

From the time I was a child watching Saturday morning cartoons to this very day when I can simply sleep in with nothing on my schedule but a good cup of coffee, nothing beats waking up to it being Saturday.

The air smells different on a Saturday. You can feel the vibe. It is nearly everyone’s play date. The things I love about Saturday are legend. They begin with the fact that my alarm clock does not bong at five AM (it’s a Zen alarm clock) and end with my weekend still having another day left in it.

In between — there is the potential of Saturday.

Its a day that can be filled with all the things I want to accomplish so at the end I collapse feeling satisfied and exhausted (in the good way). Or I can leave it blissfully empty, meandering through my Saturday in a peaceful stroll of pleasurable indulgences.

My usual Saturday evolves into a combination of the two extremes, a bit of what needs to be done sprinkled with large portions of self care. Balance. Resetting of buttons. Reflection. Enjoyment of the love of my family and the company of my friends. Counting my blessings.

Life is like a yummy ice cream sundae. But Saturday is the cherry on the top of that sundae.

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