Soothing The Savage

I have loved music forever. One of my earliest Christmas memories is waking up to a pink record player on the end table by the tree. Santa had magically set it up so it was playing “The Work Song” from Cinderella as I walked into the living room. I might have been the only six year old on my block with a turn table and a 45 collection.

Scientists are recognizing the positive effects music has on our brains. Many of us knew that inherantly, but its good to have the experts tell us we were right all along. I am not going to go to hell for listening to rock and roll, in fact it really does relieve my stress, improve my mood, ward off the effects of aging, and help with learning. WOW!

I listen to music all the time, but especially at the end of my day it is critical.

Again with the experts weighing in on the importance of a good night time routine, music is a vital component of my ability to unwind. I put on my favorite blues station and a lovely man by the name of Amos Lee serenades me into mellowness. Some days are a little darker and call for the deep rich tones of Leonard Cohen (I’m pretty much in love with Leonard).

My mind absorbs the notes like a sponge and empties itself of all previous experiences. My body will sway to the rhythm and release the tensions or some nights I just sit on my bed and let the music take me to ‘The Place’. Dark and peaceful is The Place. It is the ante-room in my consciousness just before I fall asleep. Think of it as the coat room where I check my garments of the day, before I enter into the dance hall of my dreams.

With music as my admission ticket, I linger there in The Place for longer than usual, shedding layer after layer of the days events. And when I finally do step into the ballroom, I am able to dance — lighter, faster, with more joy. My dreams do not carry the remnants of my Real Life, they are the stuff of magic.

I discovered the blues in my fifties and that seems appropriate. You need to have a bit of life behind you to appreciate the message of the blues. Pain, struggle, loss, grief, love — its all in there. All the heartache and joy that is life magically woven into a song our soul can sing along with.

Several things we need to live are blue. Water — blue. Air(sky) — blue. It would make sense that the music of life would also be — blue.