Spirit Animals And Grandbabies

Tundra — My Favorite Real Life Wolf

If you look around my house you will see wolves. Lots and lots of wolves. I have always found them fascinating creatures and as I moved through life and into a spiritual practice I eventually recognized them for what they are.

My Animal Spirit Guide.

Enter my grand daughters. Now ages six and four at their last visit. Wolves in their world still consist of The-Big-Bad-Grandma-Eating variety. It is ironic beyond comprehension that their OWN grandmother is such a fan of this creature.

Conversations about wolves:

Scene: Laying in my bed a grand daughter on either side of me.

Four year old: Nana — Why do you have a picture of that wolf on your wall? Aren’t you scared of it when you sleep?

Six year old: Yeah Nana! I don’t like it looking at me!

Response: Wolves are Nana’s friends. Wolves take care of their families and friends and guard them very fiercely. We are safe here with my friend the wolf to look after us when we sleep. She is our protector.


I am certain the brains of both of my grand children are churning through all the movies/fairy tales/books they have ever been exposed to find evidence to refute wolves’ benevolence. I am pleasantly surprised when they change the subject to the exciting events on our agenda then snuggle in and nod peacefully off to sleep.

Later in the visit, the six year notes my wolf tattoo and knowingly announces my friendship of wolves must be the reason I chose that tattoo. The four year old informs her mother the wall hanging in my room is of ‘Nana’s wolf friend — but its ok because she protects Nana”. My daughter smiles. Humoring both generations.

People have asked me how do you know what your animal spirit guide is? Invariably it has only taken me one or two questions for them to spit out the answer. If you are asking the question, chances are you already have an idea of the answer. You just need to listen.