Them Shoes

I have a pair of shoes (Frye boots actually) that are thirty-eight years old. I’ve had them re-soled twice. I love them.

I am not your typical woman in many ways, but I do like shoes. I notice shoes. I really love boots. You can wear boots on your motorcycle, at least a lot of my boots you can. But I digress, back to the shoes.

I believe one of the many reasons woman love their shoes so much is because shoes are really timeless. Not only can you have a pair of shoes — like my beloved Frye boots — for literally decades, they will also fit you for all that time.

Those boots fit me through two pregnancies. And still fit me today thirty-eight years after I bought them (when I weigh roughly the same weight, but you know it’s all rearranged differently). No other article of clothing could possibly do that — earrings are the only thing you wear that even come close.

My closet has its fair share of shoes. Fun shoes, colored shoes, flats, high heels, sneakers, flip flops, clogs, boots (I did mention the boots, right?)…but there is always room for more. Its one big happy family of footwear.

So if you have any size 7 1/2 shoes that need a good home, I know a place.

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