Time Is A Friend

Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

So often we look at Time as an enemy.

People rush around never having enough ‘Time’ to accomplish everything on their to-do list. They race against deadlines — wish for more than 24 hours in every day — tell themselves it’s about the quality of Time they spend with their kids not the quantity of Time.


They look at themselves in the mirror and rage against the toll Time takes on their looks. They stand on their scales and curse their softer middles and saggier breasts. They rush to plastic surgeons offices and pay cash to upgrade themselves back to the good old days before laugh lines, crows feet, and bald patches.


They regret their past and fear their future. They live in a constant state of looking back over their shoulder and running hell bent for leather to catch up with a tomorrow they can never capture.


In a blink of an eye, the baby they held is holding a baby of their own. Where did that Time go? When they were in it — they were sure Parenting Hell would never end. Would there ever be a night when all eight hours would flow together in an uninterrupted dreamscape? When did it all change? Why didn’t they notice?


When did their parents become so frail? What happened to their strong father? Their indomitable mother? What is this grief before the grief which lives like a lump in their chest?


In our haste to run from who we were, or chase a future something — so often we lose the gift which is right before us. Our Blessed Now.

Time is a friend.

Time gives us the perspective to know this too shall pass — everything shall pass. Time gives us the patience to endure — Life will change, Life always changes. Time gives us the wisdom to know when to let go — and when to accept. Time brings us Love — Love always finds us, we can never hide from Love.

And Love lives on — past Time itself.