Yoga Lesson For Today: Engage Your Inner Comedian

Me At Restorative Yoga

I went to yoga this morning. I love Wednesday morning yoga class. One of my favorite teachers is at the helm guiding us through asana and sprinkling bits of wisdom everywhere.

Today she opened class with a short chat about all the stuff we do. And how we look at what we do and judge it. We are constantly judging ourselves, our motives, our actions, our thoughts, our emotions and finding ourselves lacking. It’s the first filter we put in place as children, the comparison filter and we hold ourselves to such high, unattainable standards, it’s no wonder everyone is miserable.

But, what if after we noticed, and judged, we said “Yep, that’s me, doing what I do. I’m hysterical!” ? How would that change how we look at ourselves? Our lives? Our motives? Our relationships? Our everything?

I used that very line last week when some of my coworkers were noting my OCD tendencies. I commented to them “I know — I’m hysterical!” Because I am. Some of the stuff I come up with and I do — Mother of God! What am I thinking?? And it’s funny…it’s damn funny!

BTW — you want your OR nurse to lean towards OCD, just sayin’. See, even that is funny!

I digress — all the quirks, missteps, mistakes, panic attacks, meltdowns, temper tantrums, errors in judgements, morning afters, jeez kids don’t come with manuals, oh shit — that was out loud,— fuck ups I have made can be viewed through whichever lens I choose. I can let my ever present inner critic have free reign and run my self esteem straight into the ground.

OR — I can look at myself with humor and love and compassion. I can relate all of my life experiences as the truly amazing, funny, kick ass adventure it is. And let my inner comedian be the narrator.

Some of our best stories start out with the internal exclamation “Oh shit!” How we spin it from there depends on us. We can beat ourselves up constantly or we can laugh ourselves silly.

You know what I’m going to chose, I’m hysterical!

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