Oh, White Women
Farrah Bostic

I can totally relate to this! I am a white woman, strong Hillary supporter and I totally don’t understand why our Country continually has a double-standard in regard to women. We have to be NICE not bitchy, always smile and always be perfect! Its impossible. The election of Trump just proves to me that for equal rights and equal RESPECT for women, we have just taken 20 steps backward — where women are valued on their appearance and not on their intelligence and energy! What a shame for our daughters. I was horrified that Trump won the election — this tells me about the people in our Country — sad day for America, sad day to be a woman in America. Lets fight together, Hillary won the vote by 3 million, the Electoral College system is BROKEN and our Media is even Worse — Clinton got more negative press about e-mails than any other candidate — its a disgrace!! A bright future rests with election of more women into positions of power!

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