Diaper Tales

The world from the eyes of a 3 month old

Hungry.. Starving..Panic Attack..all in a span of few seconds..Yawn..its just another morning.and there she is to wrap me up in her arms and feed me. I can just let go and she will guide me to the milk tap..okay.I’m full..I drank for a full 3 minutes..oh this is bliss..i drift off into a sweet slumber and smile in my sleep. oh wait..she has other plans..why am i being propped against her shoulder and held up..wait something is rising up from my belly, must flail all arms and legs to protest.. it keeps rising..burrrrp! Hey whats that sound..oh I feel lighter but a bit hungry again..maybe I’ll try eating my hand, I don’t have much use for it anyways.. Oh the world is turning around now, there’s the other milk tap now..fine I’ll drink this now since you’ve taken my hand and pushed it aside..(30 seconds later)..oh I’m so full I could barf! ok.. being held up again, I hate this! Must protest…burrp.. That’s incredible! I feel warm n fuzzy..but I feel wet and sticky too.