Chapter Zero

I’ve been thinking about having a blog for my tiny little ideas for a while, yup, in English.

I am the kind of person who prefers to wait (or procrastinate) until the “right time”. As a result, I always miss lots of chances — for example, the Lakers games. I had been waiting for the “right time” to rush into the STAPLES center to see Kobe and Pau for a year, and now it is just a dream that will never come true — Kobe got injured this season, Nash just retried, and Pau was transferred to the Bulls last summer.

This sad experience makes me realize that I should not wait any more — not just for the Lakers games, but also for all the other things in my life. There is no perfect “right time”.

So … now I am sitting in the couch, listening to Symphony No. 9 by Dvorak, trying my best to squeezing those archived thoughts out of my dummyhead and, translating them into English …

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