Ready farmer one?

ARCx is NOT a $YFI $YAM yield farming clone! It’s a whole new game and there’s still room to join KYFv2 & earn protocol token $ARCX.

Now you might be asking yourself why is ARC worth your time to begin with?

➡ using #Chainlink oracles

➡ picked $LINK as first asset But there’s SO much more, strap in!

We’ll cover research we gleaned from Discord, Twitter, Gamepaper, website, & more. We’ll add additional clarification to some of the existing info on this project.

#ARC is a Synthetic Asset Protocol & a Game!

ARC creates synthetic debt dollars from any collateral type you want via separate asset pools. So its…

Communities and Ventures in the DAOstack Ecosystem

Hi folks 🖖 we keep reflecting on the developments in the DAOstack ecosystem and putting a spotlight on different DAO founders, communities and ventures that are building in this exciting space.

For our first post, we took a snapshot of the epic dOrg team! Today we’ll be going to introduce you awesome necDAO team.


necDAO — is the decentralized nerve-centre of Nectar and DeversiFi with approx. 17,000 ETH pledged at launch. Members of Nectar DAO will have collective control over the use of funds and determine the success or failure of proposals with the aim of growing the DeversiFi, Nectar…

Bringging young people exciting opportunities in the blockchain space is our jam ;)

Bitfwd is working with the Blockchain Olympiad Committees of Australia, Brazil, China, Israel, and New Zealand for the 2020 International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL 2020).

Anticipating projects from dozens of countries and territories, IBCOL 2020 will be held from July 3rd to 5th in Hong Kong. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, IBCOL 2020 will include novel online elements for contestants that are unable to travel.

Gabriel Chan, Program Manager @ IBCOL:

—A DAOstack Ecosystem of DAO Founders, Communities and Ventures

Hello netizens 🖖 recently at bitfwd we’ve been reflecting on what’s been happening in the DAOstack ecosystem and wow! there’s just so many awesome experiments, many of which are maturing fast. the DAOstack DAO founder community of today is poised to become a cohort of legendary #cryptopreneurs!

We’re starting a series of posts where we’ll be be putting a spotlight on different DAO founders, communities and ventures that are building in the DAOstack ecosystem.

For our first post, we’ll take a snapshot of the epic dOrg team!


dOrg is a really cool group that got together and run a cooperative…

Ladies, Gents, trolls, bots and fellow cryptopreneur netizens of the cryptosphere!

Launch Announcement!

Today we’re finally ready to share a little bit of details on the project you may have already heard of in various Telegram and WeChat groups, Crypto Twitter (if not: and across the cryptoshere:


LongDAO is an experiment in collaborative positive sum games where DAO enthusiasts join to introduce to communities the DAO way and play together.

Kickoff 👟

The initial phase of LongDAO is currently underway and the core team is working to establish the working streams and the kernel of the ecosystem structure. …

Hello #Cryptopreneurs community!

We’re very excited to officially share what has been in the works for the past few months — bitfwd formed a partnership with Collider Ventures — Israel’s leading Blockchain and Crypto Venture Capital!

The partnership of bitfwd and Collider Ventures will be centered around funding early stage ventures and unique approach to acceleration of ambitious entrepreneurs across all layers of the Blockchain stack.

Bitfwd’s goal has always been to bring the spirit of cryptoprenreurship from the grassroots community to real world products and support ventures growth. Together with Collider, bitfwd will support implementation and adoption of decentralized…

As a part of guerrilla mission to bring DAOstack ventures ecosystem to China, Daniel Bar, founder of bitfwd, coordinated together with awesome DAO enthusiast from China (Ruby Wu and Jessie Li,) to run a DAOfest in Shanghai.

The world is moving towards an increasingly digital economy — from transactions between businesses and individuals to completely cashless experiences like rideshare apps. Yet at the very same time, across every continent we are observing terrible refugee crisis resulting in large number of people who are left with no access to the knowledge or the financial infrastructure needed for them to benefit from these conveniences.

To address that knowledge gap and prepare refugees for the blockchain enabled future, Hello Future and bitfwd collaborated on a curriculum for refugee students to learn about cryptocurrency and get them closer to opportunities in…

Helllow awesome community!

In the recent months we’ve been preparing China focused community building efforts that will be using the hottest tech in the web3 space. We’ve held a first DAO technology enthusiast workshop and knowledge sharing in Shewnzhen. A passionate group of computer science academics, grassroots developers, investors and FinTech professionals join in this intimate meetup. It was a very passionate group coming together from places that are quite far in the region such as Malaysia, Sichuan and Shanghai to join us in Shenzhen. (We had only one woman in the group though, we’ve certainly have work to do…

Hello awesome crypto community! We’re proud to share some great news with you guys. We want to grow our community, expand knowledge and engage communities in a skill exchange all around the globe.

Our partnership with Progressbar is based on a global community building, sharing skills and experiences with organizing events and building global community around both organizations. We believe that this partnership will have a positive impact on our communities, there will grow new business partnerships between members of our communities, friendships, events and many more 🦄

Anett Rolikova, Operations & Partnerships at Progressbar:

Ann Orehova

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