Super Slimmers – The Real Truth

The Channel 4 programme Super Slimmers this week has shed a big spotlight on weightloss and the different methods of weightloss that are out there in the marketplace today. What I would say firstly is to remember that this was a TV programme and the producers will have had their agendas and an idea of what they wanted the programme to show and it will have been edited to suit this.

I’ll also declare my position for anyone reading this who doesn’t know me. I was obese from the age of about 16 until about 18 months ago. I had been gradually gaining weight my whole life, eventually reaching just under 25 stone at the age of 38. I then lost 10 stone in around a year after joining Slimming World. Now this isn’t going to be a preachy piece about how Slimming World can change every fat persons life, that isn’t the case at all.

The facts are these, the person needs to want to lose weight and be willing to do what it takes to lose the weight, whichever weightloss program they follow. The science is simple, less input and more output equals weightloss. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but it really isn’t and if you’ve never been overweight you really can’t understand.

For me it was about the mix of sensible eating, following Slimming World’s food optimising, and also exercise, which I believe is crucial both for losing the weight and then keeping it off.

I have seen people go to Slimming World and think that just attending the group each week will lose them the weight, and it doesn’t work like that. I saw people get praised for walking their kids to school and classing it as exercise. In my opinion there should be a lot more emphasis on exercise in the groups, as I know how much it helped me and backed up the food optimising side of the plan. By this I mean real exercise, increasing your heart rate and getting a sweat on. I still see people on a cross trainer in the gym playing games on the touch screen, and then wondering why the weight isn’t coming off. People need to be told to push themselves, you only get out of exercise what you yourself put in.

I chose Slimming World because if you actually look at the Food Optimising principles they make sense, it’s healthy. It’s not faddy, milkshakes or similar that you then can’t maintain after you hit your goals. It’s a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables, and those basic principles can continue to be followed. We all fall off the wagon a bit from time to time, but the difference now is that I know what to do and I have the control to get back on that wagon and lose whatever I put on, and on the whole my weight has been pretty steady since I hit my goals.

What I would say to anyone wanting to lose weight is this….work out how much you want to lose and then put a date on when you want to reach your goal. Break the total loss down into weekly and monthly goals, ensuring they’re not ridiculous like wanting half a stone off each week. I set my goal at about 2lbs a week, but averaged about 3lbs. Choose a method you can follow without changing your life completely. As I said, Slimming World worked for me, but I know people who have had success with other methods. Whatever you choose, just make sure it makes sense to you. Exercise! I found a love for running, but I also used the gym and group exercise classes, through which I met some really inspirational people, all completely different and all with different goals. The one thing they all shared was a passion for what they were doing and the want to encourage everyone else who was there. Don’t underestimate the power of this, those people will help to keep you on track.

Just remember all the time, that you are the person who will dictate your weightloss and you are the person in control of your weight, full stop.

Losing weight and keeping weight off isn’t easy, but it can be done, and it can be done by anyone who really wants to, please don’t be put off by a tv programme.

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