Every project journey with AWS starts from resource creation. Sure, what you want to do is dive deep into exciting serverless, powerful high-availability or even build your brand new rocketship right away. But first, you will definitely come face to face with AWS Identity and Access Management Service.

AWS IAM is tightly coupled with every resource creation and should be provisioned wisely to avoid errors or security issues. In this series of articles, we will start from the basics and will gradually move on to subsequent parts.

This article describes basic IAM concepts and IAM policy building components flavored with tasty donuts examples. So go on, maybe stop by the bakery first, and enjoy!

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Understanding IAM Components

First of all, let’s imagine you’re a policeman. So you come to the police station and see a bunch of donuts lying on the dinner table. Can you eat them? Are they shared? Or…

Anna Korkoshko

Software Developer

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