Dad and I have spent endless hours lounging on the verandah chairs facing a green lawn and a coconut tree when I get home each holiday. We discussed most every aspect of our lives, management theories, the pride he took in each of us his children, antics of the grandchildren and of course life lessons passed on through funny stories.

He was the one person young and old would seek out when something was confusing or seeming impossible. He enjoyed these visits, loved talking to everyone and somehow everyone got something out of this visit too. He just had a…

Petroglyph from 4000 BCE at Edakkal Caves in Wyanad, Kerala.

Engineers and physicists have been trying hard, and still haven’t been able to build a Quantum Computer in the last five decades. I was reading up on it and they were saying things like “it defies logic”, “it can hold two states at the same time”, “it can move forward and backward in time and teleport itself so it’s in two places at once”. Then they say “the true Quantum computer is still not a reality”.

Duh. Haven’t you met a ‘Mother’?

And looked deeper to understand where that joy is coming from? What she’s hiding behind that smile? How…

Harris was my friend from Engineering college. He was not the smartest nor very disciplined or studious. He was among the outliers and he appeared so with curly unkempt hair and sloppy dressing. Hidden beneath all that hippy appearance was a a kind soul and a liberated spirit who had a practical take on life. I was among the outliers too with short hair and being a tomboy who thought boys and girls are equals and why not. I never met Harris after graduation but I learned something from him that helped me know when to stress and when to…

Annie Paul Mathew

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