Israeli Mail Order Brides Guide

Ann Young
4 min readMay 3, 2024


Israeli Mail Order Brides

Only 32 Israeli women came to the US on K-1 visas in 2010, and the numbers didn’t change much over the decade, reaching 54 in 2019. Besides, Israeli ladies were much less likely to bring their children along (under 5% vs. 15% on average). As unique as Israeli wives are in the US, American men are still attracted to strong-willed beauties. And today, we discover what makes them so enticing and how to meet and marry an Israeli lady.

Key facts about Israeli brides

  • Popular cities to find Israeli brides — Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa
  • Average age of brides — 25 years old
  • Best Israeli dating site — SofiaDate
  • How to win Israeli women’s hearts — Be direct, be confident and intelligent
  • Average cost of Israeli brides — $3750 — $6050

3 Top Dating Sites to Find Israeli Women

  1. SofiaDate
  2. TheLuckyDate
  3. BravoDate

Why choose Israeli women for marriage?

Israeli bride

Generalization doesn’t help much when describing millions of women, but we can still identify a few core characteristics most Israeli women share. They usually are:

  • Fun-loving and bold. Israeli girls have a sophisticated sense of humor, and they are happy to plunge into new relationships head-first, which is a plus, especially for online dating.
  • Family-minded. Meeting the family can come early in a relationship, as familial ties mean a lot even for Israeli girls who are not too orthodox.
  • Loyal and caring. Although Israeli girls can take breaks from long-term boyfriends to find short flings, once they get married, they tend to keep the family together by sheer force of will, regardless of the difficulties.

Besides, Israeli girls are gorgeous and strong-willed, and most have experience with Army service, so you should account for that in your search.

Why do Israeli brides seek American men?

Not every Israeli woman is happy with the current gender equality state in Israel, so getting married to an American can be a simple way to break free from the mold. So when it comes to international marriage, Israeli ladies are usually looking for:

  • Care and loyalty. Hyper-masculinity is typical for Israeli men, so women tired of it are usually more interested in romance and affection than physical prowess or dominating personality.
  • Independence. Most men in Israel believe women should spend more time at home caring for their children, so ladies interested in building successful careers tend to seek international marriage.
  • Equal footing. Modern equal partnership is rarely found in traditional Israeli marriages, so women looking for stronger roles in the households may find better husbands among American men.

These considerations may not be universal for Israeli ladies, but you can always learn more about their motivation when you strike up a conversation.

How to get Israeli women for marriage?

Online dating sites make meeting Israeli mail order brides easy, but that’s merely the first step of the way to a happily married life that involves a few critical stages, such as:

Step 1

Research and trial online dating sites until you find the perfect one.

Step 2

Sign up and fill out your profile with personal details and a professional photo.

Step 3

Use available search tools to connect with potential matches and start chatting.

Step 4

Narrow down your selection to several ladies and build relationships.

Step 5

Travel to Israel to meet your chosen partner in person and spend a few weeks together.

Step 6

Help your Israeli mail order bride get a K-1 visa and relocate to the US.

Step 7

Plan and host a wedding to fulfill the K-1 visa requirements.

Each of these steps may take a few days to a few months, so be patient and enjoy your relationship at every stage.

How much does an Israeli mail order bride cost?

There’s no telling how much you’ll need to spend on an Israeli mail order bride, but we can provide rough estimates for the four major expense categories:

  • Online dating site membership fees. If you can get the largest credit package to last you a month, your monthly expenses should stay within $150 on EasternHoneys or $179 on TheLuckyDate.
  • A two-week trip to Israel. Accommodations, transportation, and entertainment for two will cost around $2,700, while roundtrip airfare will add about $900 to your travel expenses.
  • Immigration paperwork. Visa application, adjustment of status, biometrics, medical exam, and other unavoidable expenses should amount to about $2,300 if you file the paperwork without the help of an immigration attorney.
  • Wedding ceremony and reception. The average wedding expenses in Israel are around $12,000, while in the US, you’d need to spend $15,000 to $45,000 to host a ceremony and reception.

Of course, there are always ways to lower the spending by choosing off-season for travel or getting married in a city hall instead of hosting an elaborate ceremony.

Expert’s verdict

Israeli women make attractive, strong, and independent wives for Americans, even if so few choose to come to the US right now. It’s within your power to find, date, and marry a gorgeous Israeli girl, and online dating sites are an excellent place to start your search.

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