Artists and Their Three Big Fat Lies

Justin Sudds has been working with artists and creative souls for over 15 years.

He’s acted as a manager, agent, producer, mentor and coach for world-class talent, including; visual artists, performers, poets, authors, TV personalities, comedians and bloggers.

Justin owns the artist management company In Stride Entertainment, a live touring producing company and Right Angle Entertainment.

He, like me, wants artists to have the tools, and the belief, that they can not only live off their craft, but that artists can thrive.

Justin shared the three top lies that too many artists are living with that are preventing them from thriving.

Big fat lie #1.

The belief that you need other people, an agent, a manger, or a representative to be successful.

Artists don’t need representation anymore to be successful.
There are no longer barriers into the market place.
You don’t need permission, validation, or to be discovered.
The only validation that you need is that people are buying your art.
If you want to sell more art, you can learn business skills.

Big fat lie #2.

Artist over estimate the difficulty of starting an artistic enterprise.

It’s so simple.
Now you can do it for less than $100.
The barriers to entry are now gone.
The barriers are in your mind and you can dissolve them easily by educating yourself.
Your irrational fear of business is not valid.
Getting over your fear of dedicating yourself to your craft is way harder than the fear of dealing with the basic mechanics of building a business.
You just need four things to get started.
  1. Ecommerce site
  2. Email provider
  3. Social media channel, Face Book and or Instagram
  4. Spread sheet for accounting.

Big fat lie #3

Just perfect your craft and success will be yours. B.S.

Too many artists invest all the time on their craft and almost nothing on the craft of building their business or they’re just inconsistent.

Then they wonder why people with far less talent are so much more successful.

You need to educate yourself on how to build a business and acquire the specialized knowledge that’s required to building an artistic enterprise.

Why? When you acquire specialized knowledge it saves you time, money, and frustration. It leads to success faster.

If you put 10%-25% of your time on building your business and it will dramatically change your life.

The entrepreneurial skills can be learned and the drive acquired.

The most successful entrepreneurs are naturally creative. So you actually have an advantage.

What lies have you been told?

The romance of the “starving artist?”

That talent is “discovered.”

What lies have you stopped believing?