The Limitation of Her Art is Now Her Strongest Asset

Yesterday I interviewed Irina Cumberland, a recent graduate of The MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester.

She shares the three top lessons that she’s learned in The Semester.

Irina has an interesting background.

She thought she had a limitation because she paints the ocean. Expertly, but just the ocean.

Irina was completely stuck about how and where she could sell her art.

But as every student of The Semester learns, you don’t want to sell art.

Why? Because selling art sucks.

You want to create value above and beyond your art and sell that.

During our one-on-one I found out that Irina has a medical degree and that she’s really a scientist and an artist.

So I recommended that Irina take a look at the medical benefits of fractal patterns that are found in nature, like leaves in the trees and waves in the ocean.

Irina did some research, because she can, and found out that bio-measures experiments concluded that fractal patters reduce our stress by 60% within 1 minute.

What drug can do that?

So I suggested that Irina STOP selling ocean paintings and start selling stress reduction a la ocean wave fractals. As a trained human health scientist she can speak to the benefits of fractals with authority.

What happened next? She was off and running. A very different artist who I enrolled initially.

The limitation that she once believed that she had with her art is now her strongest asset.

So what where Irina’s top three lessons that she’s learned in The Semester?

  1. She had trouble only naming three but the first thing that Irina learned was that her art not only could be, but it should be, an expression of her truest self.
  2. The second biggest lesson was that focus is everything. Focus is what moves you forward. She learned to take things one step at a time during The Semester and how to best do that from my friend Dr. George Pratt’s training during his guest lecture. He’s a leading performance psychologist and author.
  3. The third huge lesson was that Irina could find a community of artists who support her and inspire her within The Semester. They don’t compete with each other. They’re not jealous or competitive. They’re actually friends who are on the same path, speaking the same language, and who now share a profound and personal experience.

What is Irina’s one piece of parting and advice to you? “Just focus, focus, focus, on one thing at a time and in order.” Sound familiar?

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