As parents are transformed into criminals

Early morning in the office, located in the building Empire State Building in Manhattan. Staff glide around the office in a perfectly-ironed suits and expensive Italian shoes. In the air fragrance perfume. All tense and focused. To this day the whole company was preparing for months. It was a grueling marathon to develop the project cost $ 1.5 billion. All are tired and are on the brink. This day should solve everything. Second chance will not be exact. By approaching cars skyscraper s-class. They make managing a large holding company, rising to the office, and are located in the meeting room. Control restrained smile. All ready to start a big game. Someone caught myself thinking that this month it will be able to buy a new house, and someone that tomorrow will join its offshore. Tension builds. Managing holding company pays attention to every detail. He must take the only right decision, every little thing right now is incredible value. Senior partner suited to a huge screen and starts the presentation. All eyes turned to him alone. Time stops for a moment. Suddenly the phone rang. All those present at the forehead is imprinted the same question — “What the hell? What could be more important?”. Senior Partner, interrupted the presentation of the project saying: “Sorry, I have to answer. This is my mother.”

Curtain …

Everything that happened next, on the 23rd floor of the Empire State Building is irrelevant. It was a failure. And it’s not really that during the presentation of the bell rang. The mother of a senior partner everything was in perfect order — there was not a stroke or an accident, nor swindlers. It was what people call a tangible concern. This Mademoiselle brought her baby so that even at the age of 46 years he responded to calls to the mother as well as in 16 years. Only in this case the call a little more expensive than usual — $ 1.5 billion. At this point it became clear that the control of the chief is in the hands of his mother, with which no one was going to sign a contract. It was necessary to start from scratch.

For the average Ukrainian sum of 1.5 billion dollars, it is as absurd and to some extent even insulting. Let’s change the amount and the scenery, but leave the essence. How often parents are destroying the future of their children? As long as my daughter is not knocked 18 years, until we moved to Europe, for me, this problem did not exist. Yes, I remember all his children’s “not rush”, but they were my memories and my resentment over 2 torn marriage and wacky 5 years in the KNU at the request of his father. I got off easy! Those who think that by discussing the problems of “fathers and sons” breathes mothballs, I advise to look around and at least google official statistics — 40% of marriages break up due to the fact that the parents interfere in the personal lives of their children. Unfortunately, no one thought the reputational and financial losses. I am sure that, without exaggeration, the amount estimated in the billions of dollars. Why go far? Remember how many times your personal relationships were disrupted or were on the verge of falling apart because of the advice / recommendation / insistence of parents? But why is this happening? And whether so all parents? No, not all. But this article is not about everyone, but for everyone. I am also a mother, but now in front of you a journalist. And I’m starting a series of investigations of crimes that some parents knowingly or unknowingly committed against their children.

The reasons for such a series is more than enough. A large number of parents are convinced that they know exactly what is best for their children at any age. So they explain their “peacekeeping promise.” Strange, but for some reason in this case, most of these “peacekeepers” can not put things in order in his personal life? Why can not they show by example how to be constructed relations between men and women? Why parents are “just” know how children succeed, but do nothing of themselves represent? Why are ‘smart’ parents live in poverty, they hate their jobs, but blame it all around but yourself?

As such, parents can make recommendations about how to make money, if they themselves can barely provide? We will talk about examples, causes and trends, which for many was the verdict. I understand that this is not to say in such a way, because I will write using creative pseudonym to protect yourself and your family from abuse and trolling, which is without doubt the river flow.

I understand that the problem of fathers and children in one article it is impossible to uncover. Therefore, planning a series of at least 30 scientific papers with experts in various fields — from psychology to forensics. All the facts, which I will use in this case, you can find and check publicly available. You want to know how much enthusiasm? I just is profitable. Now in England is preparing to launch a new television project in the style of a psychological reality, and I came up with a way to test the material on one side and slowly unscrew the project with the other hand. That’s the whole trick. As always — all a matter of money and I do not hide it. I will look at your reaction, your questions and how some of you will hate this blog, but it secretly re and wait for updates. So see you soon, my dear!

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