Social Media, No Mercy for the Integrity of Art

It is no surprise that the world that we live in today is completely different that it was 10 or 20 years ago. Almost everything has changed including our culture, but why? What is out there that has such a strong affect on us as a society? What is it in our lives that have such an influence with how we operate? Jia Jia wants to make sure that we take a moment to think about what type of impact the world of social media is having not just on our culture but in the world of art. Her delivery is flawless and her material is necessary.

Who is Jia Jia Fei? Jia Jia Fei is the Director of Digital, Jewish Museum and the former Associate Director, Digital Marketing at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Her job is to deliver the world of art to the public and online audience through social media.

Is the digital reproduction of art and images changing the way we look at art or learn about it?

Any reproduction of that image is less than the experience itself, Jia states. Devices themselves can impede on the persons experience. Her social media campaign proved the exact true. Devices are a portal to the internet and social media. Once an image makes It to the internet it by all means creates its own experience now, depending on the circumstances a person comes to the image. I mean, a social media platform is no museum and I think that is the point Jia is trying to make. People used to come to museums to see images. Now people come to museums to see pictures and to take pictures. In the world of pre-digital photography art, the message used to be, “this is what I’m seeing,” today the message is, “I came, I saw, I selfied,” as she states.

A lot of pictures on instagram are illegal. Does the rapid digitations of images reduce the experience we have or does it expand the meaning of that image by reaching people who could of never have seen that actual image or have been a part of that actual experience. She predicts that in the future, the digitization of art will change. It will completely change the physical object and dematerialize it and turn it into a social object completely defined by the conversation happening around it, rather than the experience itself.

Once content is shared online they are contributing to a digital economy. Positive reinforcement is what every social media site is predicated on. It rewards sharing. The more you share the greater value of that content, and it increases in value for that person and the world at large. So the incentive for social media’s presence in the world of art is there. We might not be able to change the effects of social media on our culture; in fact it is probably impossible. But educating ourselves to the point of awareness, could save the integrity of the art culture and to Jia, is a good place to start.