Climate Control How to Keep Stored Items Safe

The perfect Self Storage Units are not just the ones that are cheap or big enough for all the items that need to be stored. Their purpose is to safely store belongings and the best way to do this is through climate control. A properly controlled unit is one that keeps humidity levels between 30–60 percent and temperatures between 50–80 degrees. Without this, many items are at risk of damage.

Danger of Low Humidity

The elimination of most of the humidity in the air creates an environment where the air is too dry. Wood constricts as moisture is pulled out of the item and cracks and gaps between individual boards could appear. Wood glue may dry out and lose its effectiveness. Leather and paper become brittle when stored in areas that are too dry. Leather could also crack and paper will not necessarily lose its brittleness once moisture is back in the air.

Damage From High Humidity

Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY are also risky when they lack climate control and the humidity levels are too high. Mold develops quickly in wet environments and puts textiles and paper at risk. Metal corrodes and wood warps when exposed to consistently high humidity levels. Corrosion of metal components in electronics could destroy the product.

Result of Extreme Cold

Extreme temperatures also need to be avoided. Any item that contains a liquid cannot be left in Storage Units in Queens NY that is without some type of climate control during the winter because of the risk of freezing. Oil paint in artwork could crack and flake in the cold and wood can be damaged in the same way as it is in very dry temperatures. Electronics are also not able to withstand severely cold temperatures and the screens of TVs, computer monitors and glass-topped stoves can shatter if the temperatures fluctuate too much in too short a period of time.

Risks of High Heat

Self Storage Units in Queens NY are also vulnerable to the summer heat as well. DVDs and CDs are most at risk and items like cosmetics and medication should not be left in this type of environment. High heat increases evaporation rates and could cause the same damage seen during periods of low humidity.

Only store personal property in the appropriate facility. Climate control helps to keep items as safe as they are in a home. Purchase a thermometer and a hygrometer to track the levels in a unit to prevent any unexpected results.

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