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In the evolving global economy, the phenomenon of smart cities is becoming predominant in empowering cities, residents and business through innovation and technology. This trend is moving towards creating smart platforms that combine data and technology which help the government make better decisions, as well as ensure privacy and safety.

According to Allied Market Research, the Smart City global market size is expected to reach USD 2.402 trillion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 21.28% since 2018.

Importantly, the significance of the development in this field is determined by an increasing need for personalised experience among the public. At the moment, lack of accurate data about citizens and tourists, no engagement with them, and a complex system for every small part of a city make most city councils fail in their public policy programs. Likewise, businesses lose their customers because they either cannot find their way to a store or a particular product or service. …

The Story of Janelle van de Velde

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Janelle van de Velde

Janelle van de Velde is a great example of a self-made woman. It does not mean that she has a similar story to Oprah Winfrey or Sara Blakely who did not grow up with money, but worked hard and became successful. However, Janelle has the traits that made these women known as self-made, which is much more meaningful.

Importantly, she is resourceful and possesses a strong work ethic and energetic drive. Her background in working across a broad range of industries including hospitality, resources, banking, sporting, technology and state government has made her a master at recognising and seizing opportunities, assessing risks and taking action. Over the last decade, she has progressed through a series of executive leadership roles advancing the strategic growth objectives of organisations in the resources and technology sectors. Maintaining an alternative energy company’s growth from an early stage Queensland business into a 400-strong multinational diversified corporation, while more recently supporting Silicon Valley’s start-up Nitro Software to prepare for a potential public listing, Janelle has developed a well-rounded administrative skill-set. …

The Story of Clinton Hoffmann

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Because of poor English literacy, people from Indigenous communities in Australia do not have access to driver education. As a result, many of them end up in jail every year due to recurring driving offences, while they could have a driver’s license and gain employment.

Multicultural Australians are often not familiar with Australian road rules. Moreover, for most of them, the learning language is not English, which makes it twice as difficult to get a driver’s license and ensure road safety.

Urban digital youngsters do not read the road rules book. They practice the written test online and pass the driving one not actually knowing the road rules, which increases the possibility of car accidents. …

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When we ask ourselves “Who am I?”, the answer usually does not pop up quickly. Most of the time, we do not even realise how far we are from this answer. The truth is we are too scared to get to know ourselves because it makes us closer to our insecurities.

My last semester at the University of Queensland has started, and I am very excited to share with you one of the tasks for the course ‘Entrepreneurship Incubator’. It will give you seven questions that will help overcome the fear of knowing yourself.

I hope my answers will inspire you to write your own story. …

The Story of Stuart Kruger

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The experience of Stuart who is raising a child with autism has made him realise there is the absence of a social care system for non-professional carers and caregivers. If your loved ones have this kind of diagnosis which is chronic and complicated, you need to take all of your confidence and encouragement to step up to this journey with them. Non-clinical care takes approximately 8700+ hours annually, and it is usually on the family members’ shoulders. It means if these people are well supported, their loved ones with life-long diagnoses will be well supported as well. …

This note has been created on the base of the interview with a motivational speaker Chris Adams who shared with me his insights about entrepreneurs’ journey and the meaning of disruption and innovation in the modern world.

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Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

Chris’ experience has included working with and for some of the best-known companies in the world, such as Facebook, Participant Media, Comcast Cable and Interactive, Glam, Amazon and Lycos. His career has seen him at the front of the technology, entertainment, media and digital revolution for 25 years, which enabled him to have extensive and in-depth perspective and some great stories to share.


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