What do we see here?

The intimate observation of the attendees at the Inauguration and Women’s March

The bird’s eye view photograph of the Donald Trump’s inauguration published alongside an image of the Women’s March became a topic of controversy circulating media outlets. These photographs showed the underwhelming attendance of the President’s Inauguration, in which he and his staff insisted was a deliberate act of false reporting.

Crowd attendance has become a badge of popularity for past presidents and indicative of political legitimacy. It wields itself as a tactic to honor some and shame others. Yet as both sides fixate on the size of crowds, they become removed from the intimate realities of actual attendees.

They fail to acknowledge the personal accounts of individuals standing on the very streets they attempt to analyze.

Instead of standing behind a pair of binoculars removed from the excitement itself, take a step closer. Notice the subtle barren background behind a personal portrait — or the indistinguishable faces among a sea of oversaturated pinks. So let’s look more closely and ask ourselves, what do we actually see?