Finding Higher Purpose in my life

Well it’s my 8th yr into entrepreneurship ! When I was 22 I started Nurturing Green. People around me & myself talked about me finding what I love quite early in my life n I should be glad for it. Well, that’s true because that’s what made me work insanely for last 8 yrs, it helped me survive when it’s humanly impossible to. It gave me inner strength to fight all odds n all profound pains which entrepreneurship brings !

When I started NG , the vision wasn’t that clear . I was just 22 & wanted to do something different . I was not happy with how Gifts are exchanged n plants were something I felt could be a great idea. I wanted to make a business which when becomes big not just create wealth for stakeholders but also for society n makes it a better place to LIVE. But it was all naive & confusion stayed.

Years passed by & I started getting into details into details into details of this industry. Went so deep into it that We can now see the lava at the centre of the earth ! We are still going deeper n want to come from the other side . That’s where you start finding Real Purpose ! That’s when you introspect n find what next ? What makes you Happy ? What is the purpose of your existence ? What you want the brand to do & at what scale ? How NG can create an impact in the society & for our kids & future generations ?

Future of our generation will be very different than our forefathers . Automation will make millions jobless, climatic change & pollution gonna kill people & put our future generation into diseases n pain. Growing population & reducing food availability will make hunger one of the biggest problem of our Planet !

Technology & finding higher Purpose has the potential to solve these bigger problems which our society will face . We individual alone cannot solve all. I thought of my bit & how I can help solve this. While it’s also important for everyone to find his existence , its responsibility of each one of us to help find Higher Purpose for others too !

Last few quarters made me think this !But I’m running so fast that It’s impossible for me to think beyond . So Last week I just pushed myself to Sikkim n in the hills made me think ! This is what I want to create & do for years :

  1. Bring NG to its real vision of nurturing GREEN . We are starting Green Malls in NCR & moving beyond just plants to various other categories . Idea as of now is to create interest among people for Green . One of the many sub category is Solar. We will be pushing every of our customer to create a lovely Terrace/Lawn/Balcony but also shift from traditional energy source to creating his/her own solar power reducing dependency & load on current polluting methods.
  2. Start Urban Greens before I turn 33 & change the way how agriculture happens in the world ! Food is the most important element in our system & the nos doesn’t match as we shift to next few decades . Idea is to use technology to provide food & methods for future generations to stay alive !
  3. Help others find Purpose in their life – I just finished hearing Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard 18th time along with Steve Jobs on same platform before writing this ! Here is the link for everyone to see – . Helping find others what they love & what their higher purpose should be can solve many of the bigger problems our society will face . If you reading this, give out to others . It’s important . Help others finding their higher purpose.

I think writing this helps me feel good n more clear on what my future will be . If you guys think similarly, do share this to people around you.


PS : I want to give credits to lot of people for continuos learning. With Technology it’s possible to create more Eklavya ( ) & self learning . I have taken lot of learnings n inspiration from innumerable people . Some of them are Mark Zuckerberg ,Steve Jobs, Deep Kalra Sir from MMT, Krishnan Ganesh sir from Portea, Vijay from Paytm, Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal from Games2win . I have many more !!!!!