An Inspirational Meeting With M. Farooque, A Flourist

Nothing brings a house to life like fresh flowers — especially in the springtime! And although it can sound tricky, arranging flowers is a skill that’s simple to pick up on.

Imported Flowers: Gysophila & Orchid

Mohammad Farooque in his 60’s has served his life in nourishing, growing & selling flowers & later he expanded his small business in a big famous shop which is now run by his son’s under his supervision.

His work started with an investment of only Rs. 6k with a small cabin area available in an apartments left off space in the year 1985.

When naturalists at the end of the 18th century first came up with the idea that flowers were not put on this Earth to delight the human eye, but were the plant’s means of attracting insect pollinators, they called their novel notion “the uncovered mystery of nature”.

When talking about the types of flowers he explained the different types indicating that few of these like Lily, Gysophila, christamem & Orchids are mostly used imported flowers while others like Gald, Tube rods & roses are exceptionally used local flowers almost used in every occasion.

After going through more interesting discussion he told that they have now 6–7 permanent customers coming in for their occasions on daily basis, talking about the events he told that in the month of December, January & February they cater to almost 2 events per day both on large & small scale. Other than these months they still manage to do 1 event on every two days.

On demand of flowers he said, “We buy 2 consignment of flowers every week & in 1 consignment we get approximately 1000–1200 flowers both local & imported flowers.”

He explained how the business has changed from good old times till now. He said, “There was a time when imported flowers were not in much demand & they were seasonal use to come in every 6 months in a year but now they are high in demand as well as available throughout the year.”

Local Flowers: Rose & Gald

M. Farooque says that they get the shipment of flowers from different countries like Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore & even from Bangkok.

On asking what can be the best price to buy a bouquet that can suit any occasion he said, “In Rs. 150–300 we provide a good bouquet depending on which flower one needs.”

Talking about the life expectancy of this beauty he explained Local flowers are more natural & have a more pleasing smell than imported but life expectancy is high in imported flowers around 6–7 days in water other than the local ones which survives for only 3–4 days.”

Talking about the Nature he says that these are the sweetest yet powerful living being in this world which not just enhance the beauty of any event but also helps a person feel personified, drawn to their colours, forms and scents.

He said, “They feed our souls.”

He explained, the array of chemicals that plants produce to deter predators, and even communicate, turn out to provide us with life-saving medicines. For example, medicines made from rosy periwinkle have increased survival rates from childhood leukaemia by 85%. Yet, we also know that many plant species with the potential for triggering tremendous innovation in technology and medicine still remain to be discovered.

Every person on Earth deserves a healthy environment and the fundamental benefits that nature provides.