Pollster Compares Undecideds to “Children Living Through Divorce”

Well-known pollster Frank Luntz says there are two types among the 11 percent of voters who call themselves undecided — but only one will determine the next president. One group, he writes at Time.com, is “useless” — uninformed voters whose

“mistaken assumptions are held with such stubborn passion they refuse to hear an alternative viewpoint.” The other is “the none-of-the-above voters” who “know a lot about both candidates and can’t stand either one.”

He compares them to:

“children living through a divorce,” forced to choose which parent to live with and knowing there “is no good outcome.” For them, “character is more important than policy.” And, he predicts, “the candidate that is most engaging and least offensive is the candidate who wins this essential bloc — and therefore the election.”