There is no God-given law that says we in media are entitled to control every aspect of the news business — content creation to production, distribution to sales — just because we used to
Death to the Mass
Jeff Jarvis

  • What happens when people in media are involved in politics? Doesn’t that put reporters in a compromising position?
  • If you look at censoring of the RNC that is forcing resistance. Media organizations are agents that benefit from keeping undecideds and uninformed voters from gaining knowledge.
  • The cost of seeking information means that voters will not seek primary sources proactively. This means that media organizations that censored the RNC were effectively influencing the election.
  • Trump lets his opponents speak. Does not force them to endorse him. Observer published the op-Ed. That is democratic. Is running with no money, isn’t forcing resistance. That is democratic. HRC is undermining the power of the people and by so doing manipulating a sector of the population to believe she is the only choice.
  • Vox no longer explains the news. I constantly read articles that are editorials under Vox’s feed. That isn’t honest journalism. Corps that censor the RNC need to call it what it is and not a public service.
  • How can journalists feel comfortable reporting what they mean when jobs are on the line? They know the powers that be vehemently oppose someone who was democratically elected.
  • It is not up to corps to decide what is or is not news. While corps are now people (let’s not forget why- citizens United not tomorrow was a supreme court decision that was about the HRC documentary. I am sure many people don’t want someone to post a negative video about them but don’t have access to the Supreme Court. She redefined free speech. Now she is opposed to c. U . N . T. ? Isn’t she the only one who is benefitting from it? $ & censorship wise?!? Also the president can’t amend the constitution. I’m surprised you aren’t screaming about this) also