Alarm the Fire Station

Now a days, it has became a great issue that when fire occurs in any house or in any factory or anywhere; there is no one to extinguish it. Most of the time, fire tender is arrived at the time when fire is already extinguish through local means and injuries happened due to fire.

To cater this great issue, I have an idea to invent a device named “ALARM THE FIRE STATION”. This device is consist of smoke and flame detector. As soon as it detect the flame or smoke, it send the signals to nearby fire station through WiFi internet.

This device consist of two parts, one attached in home or factory and another attached at area nearby fire station. In case of fire, device which is hanged at home can detect smoke and generate signals and send it to device which is hanged at fire station and also tells the location through GPS technology. By receiving this alarm, fire tender immediately rush towards the affected area and extinguish the fire. Due this device, fire station will get the message of fire at the same time when fire is occurs.

Due to this device, lead time of reaching fire tender to the affected area is decrease which results in the timely extinguishing of fire and in turns less loss and injuries will occur.