The Slaves Who Are Free

There is no greater illusion in the 21st century than the illusion of freedom.

We might be free; but we tend not to.

Is it not easier for a man to stare at the ‘assets’ of a woman while she’s walking with her recently born son, than not to?
 Is it not easier to click photographs of a woman while she’s running naked through busy streets in broad daylight, than to help her out?
 Is it not easier to blame the Gandhis, the Nehrus and the Modis for underdevelopment of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, than to correct oneself of the petty usual crimes?

Man is indeed the laziest animal on earth and thus, it is more natural for him to choose ‘easy’ than the ‘ought to’.

What the world thinks today, India has thought, researched and accepted yesterday.

The question for today is, dear readers, are we really free? If yes, do we tend to remain in that state like Newton’s First Law of Motion? Or do we prefer not to remain in that state at all from the beginning?

The eternal cries of Kashmir falling on deaf Indian ears, the anguish of women suffering in the old sweaty palms of the Khap Panchayats and random scams unearthing from all four corners of the motherland are perfect examples of — we do not want to be free.

Indians of 2016 prefer to remain silent. We remain silent when we hear the neighbourhood kid getting beaten up against IPC X; we remain silent when we see reports of 18 year old boys dying of teargas cannisters in Kashmir; we remain silent when we reportedly vote for a corrupt government and fail to publish news with correct journalistic justice.

We remain ‘silent’ and we will tend to remain so, according to Newton’s First Law of Motion; till, of course, a human earthquake ploughs down our lives.

The next question that easily arises:
 Is a Kashmir not enough? Is a Manipur not enough? Is a Nirbhaya not enough?
 What does India want in the form of the ‘vector’ that moves it to its core?
 What does India want to be ‘free’ from its mental and psychological shackles?
 What does India want to stop the slavery of the heart — where the pumping organ forgets to beat for every Indian who dies brutally — and gives way to the rational, self-centered left side of the brain?

The answer is:
 It takes more than a few Nirbhayas, Sakshis, and Sindhus to unite a diverse nation that is not even free from its own judgmental mindsets.
 Starting from preferring to pay overtly to the American food chains and extorting small money from your local vendors, to calling a ‘Bihari’ and ‘Chinki’ to your state neighbours, to working the 9 to 5 job and giving the excuse of not reading the newspaper or watching the news — you’ve surpassed the conscience of your mind that lets you be free.

If you really want to be free, India, do not re-analyse what the Colonial leeches did to you, on every 15th of August. Rather, reflect on — yourself.