Over 300 students from various Mexican universities as well as entrepreneurs, diplomats, lawmakers and journalists were invited to the Chinese Embassy on Saturday to celebrate the annual Chinese Culture Day. Qiu Xiaoqi, the Chinese ambassador, hailed the curiosity of Mexicans about Chinese culture and said that many young people inChinaare also interested in getting to knowMexico. “There is a great interest for the Chinese culture and language here. I am certain that young people from both countries will visit each other, helping to strengthen our cooperation and friendship,” Qiu told Xinhua. Qiu believed that it is important to hold the Chinese Culture Day inMexicoas it helps to bring new generations of people from the two countries closer. “I am very happy that so many young Mexican people have come to our embassy. This is the fourth Chinese Culture Day, during which we open our doors to share different forms of Chinese artistic expression with the public,” he added. The event, which lasted over four hours, included dances, cuisine, a fashion show, and a concert by Chinese singer Pu Jie, who combined Chinese songs with interpretations of such Mexican classics as “Be same Mucho” and “Cielito Lindo.” Such events are needed as Mexicans know little about modernChina, Sergio Ley Lopez, a former Mexican ambassador toChina, told Xinhua. “Such events are a treasure, which can lead to a greater understanding in every way between the two cultures,” Lopez said.