Well…yeah, your article may sound “dependable” (not really “unhealthy”, though) as you called it…
Ioana Matu

Hahaha, I’m really glad you liked my title. I actually wrote something a while back that exposes humans’ desire to read things in list forms, so I totally get what you mean. I really really appreciate you taking your time to share your thoughts with me. It’s the best! Thank you for complimenting my way of writing. It’s good to know people like something I like doing.

We are created from love and we need to give.

Thank you for that. That just proves my point that people should not hide their feelings away. I cannot wrap my brain around that logic most millennials swear by. The “Oh I do like this person, but I do not want this person to see or feel that I admire them so I will cower in shame and repressed emotions”. I do not get it.

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