City of Sunshine – Barcelona

Traveller’s Advice

During Semana Santa (a week before Easter here), I got to travel to Barcelona. which soon became one of my favorite cities.

In this post, I would like to highlight my favorite memories from the trip. I hope, you can find it useful for your future adventures!

  1. Bus Tour — a perfect way to get to know the city. I really thought it would be boring, but I was wrong. They offer big double decker buses, which takes you all around the city + audio guide in any language you prefer. The best thing is you can get out at any stop, and then hop on another bus.


You can buy a pass right in the bus.

Start in the morning to see more places.

2. Park Güell — it became my favorite place in Barcelona. Plus, we were lucky to have a perfect weather. Sun, palm trees, and Gaudi architecture – that is exactly how I imagined the city.


Get the ticket online to avoid the line.

Bringing a picnic with you would be a great idea.

3. L’Aquàrium de Barcelona — they say it’s the biggest oceanarium in Europe. I’ve seen better ones, but still there you can see sharks, octopuses, and even penguins. Plus, it’s near to the beach, so we got a pretty sunset as a bonus.

4. Barcelonetta — I love the beach, so that place was a must. Even though it was too cold to swim, we enjoyed walking along the seaside and later having lunch with a beach view.


Try sangria on the white wine — delicious!

5. Montserrat — this breathtaking place is only an hour away from Barcelona, and I would highly recommend it for a one-day trip. There is a famous monastery you could visit, but we were there for the spectacular views.


Take a funicular to get up the mountain — a very fun experience.

(Other options would be to walk or take a train).

6. Sagrada Família — the heart of the city. There was a huge line to go inside, so we preferred to have lunch in the nearby restaurant with a view on the cathedral.

Interesting Fact:

The process of building of Sagrada Família is financed only by tourists, who pay for their entrance tickets.

7. Camp Nou — the famous Barcelona stadium. We lived right near it, so visited it on our first day. The tour is quite interesting even if you are not a football fan (like me).


Instead, you could buy a ticket for the game, if there is one.

8. Parc de Montjuic — one day we decided to go running and ended up there. Nice view from above, great museum, and fountains.


If you ever want to feel like a local – go running across the city.

9. Arc de Triumph — it was our last-day destination. Beautiful place, and there are many nice parks nearby.

Overall, it was an amazing trip. We chose not to plan anything in advance, and still got to explore the whole city.

Thank you for your attention. Hope you have fun in Barcelona!

Anna Salova