Martin Grahovski of ‘3 Minute Bulgaria’ Answers ‘What Now?’

Whenever we achieve something in life that we really wanted, there comes the following question, “What now?” You always have to figure out the next step, and think about why what you did matters.

On Nov. 9 Martin Grahovski, the 23-year old creator of “3 Minute Bulgaria,” showed the AUBG community what stands behind his successful project, and how the “What Now?” question has followed all of his achievements.

Grahovski was born in Sofia, but grew up in Canada. In his school years, he created his first documentary about life in Sevlievo, a little town in Bulgaria where Grahovski spent his summers. “There I found everything I missed in Canada,” he shared. “I did all the Tom Sawyer things.”

While studying law at the Leiden University College The Hague in the Netherlands, Grahovski and a friend founded Strobe Pictures, a media company that grew to be one of the biggest in that part of the country.

However, then he realized he wanted to do more personal projects. Grahovski left everything behind, and came back to Bulgaria with a new idea — the “3 Minute Bulgaria” video series. He bought a 30-year old car and went to travel all around the country, showing its beauty in 3-minute long videos. This project gave him time to think while being alone on the road, and allowed him to do everything his way, just as he wanted.

After doing big cities and landmarks like Sofia, Plovdiv, and the Rila Monastery, he shot one of his most recent videos in Blagoevgrad. Since it is known as a student town, Grahovski devoted a big part of the video to AUBG and its community. Many students joined the project to show him their favorite spots around town.

Grahovski shared that the idea of “3 Minute Bulgaria” grew into more than he had expected. The project received great feedback, and he was invited to do multiple interviews around the country. However, again, he has reached the point of “What now?”

“I learned to accept this question as a part of life,” Grahovski said.

What comes now for him is more traveling and more videos. The next step he’s planning is taking his camera to the Rhodope Mountains and making a documentary about the lives of people there.