OMR Home Brings to you OMR Sheet Printing Support


OMR Home is dedicated to offer a premium range of OMR Solutions. Our solution ensures enhanced functionality complimented with optimum accuracy benchmarks. We design, customer-eccentric OMR solutions, in order to meet the present needs of the OMR industry.

OMR based questionnaires have been widely accepted and conducted, to analyze the best choice of applying aspirant whether in education or in an organizational domain.

OMR Sheet Printing

We offer an active support for OMR sheet printing. This includes printing of per-designed sheets or customization of OMR sheets, in accordance to the user requirements and priorities. You can select the desired paper type ranging from letter, legal, A5, A4, A3 etc. to raise your printing request.

We accept requests for printing of OMR sheets, bounded to be delivered within requested timeliness and our standardized quality norms.

The paper quality is calculated on GSM scale, that is a Gram Per Square Meter, as the GSM number increases so, the weight of the paper. We provide the design and print of papers from 95 to 120 GSM. The paper with 95 GSM is considered to be the initial paper series, that will get tampered or fold easily.

However, we recommend our customers to opt for paper thickness of 100 and above GSM’s.