Envisioning a Sustainable Stockholm: Another Tomorrow Teams Up with Fortum Värme During Stockholm Act

Like most cities, Stockholm will in the future need to transition into more sustainable energy sources. The local energy company, Fortum Värme, has taken on this challenge and are proactively working with the people of Stockholm to find new ways to make our capital more sustainable.

On August 24th 2017, during Stockholm Act Festival, Another Tomorrow and growth and innovation company, All Work United facilitated a hackathon for Fortum Värme at beautiful Rosendal gardens.

The hackathon was led by Fredrik Heghammar and Lisa Stenvinkel from Another Tomorrow

The brief of the hackathon revolved around the following question:

How can Fortum Värme work with the people of Stockholm in environmentally and socially responsible ways to become climate- and resource natural by 2030?

Cross-functional teams

At Another Tomorrow we strongly believe in the power of perspective. To solve the challenge, we helped Fortum Värme source people from outside their organisation to participate.

Research has shown that break through ideas are more likely to happen when you have a diverse set of people working towards a common goal. Fortum Värme hackathon was no exception.

The participants consisted of people from Fortum Värme, as well as people from diverse industries, functional expertise and backgrounds. The outside perspectives act as catalysts in the innovation process.

Hackathon participants having in-team discussions
“The inclusion of outside perspective is vital. To connect with people who have knowledge from sectors that are not biased to what are trying to achieve is what makes a process like this so valuable.”
- Fortum Värme CEO Anders Egelrud

Rapid ideation

After an inspirational speech from Fortum Värme’s CEO Anders Egelrud, Another Tomorrow kicked off the hackathon by leading participants through a session of rapid ideation.

In ideation, hundreds of futuristic ideas are generated in short amount of time

After a round of discussions and voting, three per team were selected. These were presented in front of everyone in order to reveal similar trains of thought between the teams and insights on how ideas can improve. Next step was for each team to select one key idea to bring into the prototyping phase.

“The fast paced process meant giving a 100% focus on the issue at hand. The mix of people offered new perspectives that allowed for the ideas to develop from several angles.”
- Louise Valentin, hackathon participant

Prototyping solutions

In the prototyping session, the teams were asked to visualize their idea in a one minute, self-explanatory video. The ideas were developed further and put it into a storytelling format.

Two videographers and an illustrator from Another Tomorrow Studio were present during the hackathon and assisted in the making of the video prototypes.

Another Tomorrow Studio assisted the teams in packaging their ideas into video prototypes

After of defining the key message and storyline, 5 prototypes were shot in the gardens, each accompanied with illustrations.

Final outcome

Video Prototype from the hackathon

The video prototypes have been added to Fortum Värme’s platform for innovation, Hållbar Värme, and to Facebook where the people of Stockholm have been invited to add their voice to the discussion

All ideas from the hackathon have been documented, ready to be actioned by Fortum Värme at a later date.

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Another Tomorrow facilitates a process that decentralise innovation, enabling anyone to participate — which is vital when you want to create disruptive ideas, craft and launch products or transform your organisation to be fit for the future. To learn more about what we do, visit us at www.anothertomorrow.io

Originally published at medium.com on September 11, 2017.