Why I’m voting for Trump and you should too
La Montaña Rusa

Donald Trump is the ultimate test of Americanism. He’s the apogee of the art form —

‘Anyone can do anything if only they believe and set their minds to it!’.

The verdict, they can’t! They-fucking-cant!

He’s gonna show us, whatever it is — sick, bleeding or poor one can pull himself up by his bootstraps and soldier on! Heck, even run the country! Who needs help? Not him!

America has always been blissfully adolescent. (S)he watched a super-hero movie, wore a cape and is trying to jump off the house to see how far belief gets you!

She’s poised with her mouse giggling over clicking “I feel lucky!” — only the trigger is hovering over a fatter boy than the last!

Belief — in this domain, get’s you nothing- zero.

If this were a simulation I also would vote for Trump, if this was about showing Jeffrey from Accounting that Wrestling isn’t real, then I would cast my vote with a sneer on my face and a roll of my eyes. This however is America. 300 million strong, not to mention the rest of the world depending on her clarity of thought and decision making.

You’d think we’d all be so shocked by the state of affairs and stakes that you could hear a pin drop. Nope! Not us! We carry on cos America, fuck yeah! Land of AR’s in Walmart's and amber waves of green!

I need more sleep and time away from the internet!