that made that boy question his decision before it was made.
Wow. I’m going to risk being late from lunch to respond lest I get busy and forget.

Everybody's world is as real as it gets, barring irrationality, religion and insanity.

The profundity for me lay in that all it takes to live another day is doubt. Not hope, but doubt!

To the man or woman intent on annihilation our offer has been for hope of a better tomorrow when theirs is a loss of doubt, a certainty in outcome.

Doubt! Uncertainty, I forget who said it but that a man couldn’t be trusted who had no doubts.

To be the reason someone questions their decision, for good and bad, to love.

In this alone we matter, that for us the man doubts himself enough to sleep over it if not change course. To question his reality

I created art for a girl in my youth — drawings and such. I can’t now remember a time when my efforts predate her discovery.

She didn’t harness my talent, she gave birth to them! Life is pregnant with doubt it seems.

Recently I was thinking about believing others, I think it truer still that he pays us as much respect who questions our conclusions as affirms them.

It’s only the weak-minded who imagine contradiction an insult worthy of redress.