Is there such a thing as evil — E-V-I-L? Beyond rhetoric, semantics and sociological concepts of psychological fitness and societal maladjustment? Did your Grandma really understand anything by it? The Professors have discarded the word, not narrow enough — lacks the rigor of a definitive imperative. So it’s now confined to religion, polemic and the streets. The hawkers know it though, they feel it, they and the thieves!

Isn’t it strange how relatively easily we tame the things we can define and ignore the ones which won’t yield, the ones that stick under your nails and won’t come off after showers? The things we avoid get louder until they are all we can hear. [Ever look in the mirror and immediately spot the chipped tooth among 36(?) other perfect ones?]

Abortion is evil, ISIS is evil, it’s not a religious concept whose underlying hypothesis is untenable with advanced civilization or this one, a fundamental conflation of power struggle and economics with socio-cultural interrelations. Who are these people? The guy on the street corner smoking a joint knows what it is, it is EVIL!

We have a problem of speaking to the academy so much that the man on the streets cannot partake in the conversation because his vocabulary is truncated which of course somehow translates into a truncation in his ability to grasp what is obvious to the high-schooler!

There are scholarships that you can’t fill a paper-form for anymore! Picture that! Polls collect data from those with computers and the time to log on! We are willing to help the poor but that poor? Who knows! They may deserve what they get then!

A Professor chastised another in his lecture for calling racism evil; that such definitions were infantile and reactionary! “It opens the discussion to connotations for which no proof can be rendered beyond refutation!” Yeah, I vomited in my helmet too!

I thought ‘whoa!’ — the man on the streets when he sees evil knows it to be so, no one taught him to first check with the corpus for a clinical definition.

I did OK in school, passed my tests that sort of thing. The entire thing beyond the fundamentals seemed contrived for most of it’s duration. Make no mistake, it’s our greatest invention, language and writing. The accretions however is the 100,000 hrs of practice nonsense, not all Cellists are gonna be Yo-Yo Ma!

It’s the reason the Catholic Church is hemorrhaging, the reason the west cannot deal with radical Islam, heck, any Islam!

There emerges quickly for anyone willing to see a confinement to the well worn paths and play between the lines.We all know the choices and options but who chose them? We know what we will have for dinner but when did we decide what we can have for dinner?

Ultimately it comes down to a monopoly of audience. Who has a right to be heard, in an age of radical meritocratic democratization of participation these questions seem redundant. How easy to think the battle abandoned when yours is over, when your own have returned safe and sound!

Are you listening, am I listening? To the ones without voices? How much democracy is enough? How long before the symptoms are just in the head? Womens problems! Before we must turn our energies to others and back to ourselves.

All the tools and strategies assembled the most crucial is left off the table. It’s been the best definition of the problem for generations. The new overlords insist we don’t need it anymore, antiquated, transcended.

What is the problem? If none, why is everyone in lab-coats and gas masks and why are we on this side of the bullet-proof glass?

What again is the question of evil?

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