and a goat
Jenny DeShields

First thought ‘we are all alone my dear’ and then seeing this — it would be cool to be survived by a goat. It’s the final finger to society for making us who we became.

Here’s a goat, take that! I also am alone, I’ve made peace with it — which means that I repeat the phrase to myself anytime my heart aches

It’d be a damning indictment to be survived by unresolved angst and frustration if there was anybody home. With enough of it there might be a societal capitulation into the convenient arrangements of agrarian society.

This comes in part at least from the gift of a world where we are entirely liberated and therefore no one knows their place.

The choices used to be between the grocers daughter and whoever Aunt Dorothy thought fit. Now the field encompasses the world, paralyzing decision making and inflicting doubt on those quick to the draw.

“Ours is to imagine a brave new world of infinite possibilities.” Pfff! Give me the grocers daughter and I’d be sooner done with bravery! Ah! What a time to be alive!

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