Romania is not the land of the poor_
Gabriel Morin

Ha! Embrace the shame my friend; I’m African. I don’t say that from the same ignorance that others do. I do because if I said I’m Ghanaian, people who will never speak up for fear of embarrassment will wonder where that is but never bother to search!

You see the shame is not out there in people’s minds and hearts. The shame is also inside of us. Culling vignettes reminiscent of Washington DC, Paris or Accra (?) does not wipe away the shame and embarrassment of being ‘invisible’ in a heartless world.

We are all ‘dalit’ Gabriel. You are answering the question “Are you good enough?!” You should instead be asking the question “Who the fuck are you?!” or the more urbane ‘… and you are?’. Man, what a world!

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