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I don’t know Thin Man, we are saying the same thing perhaps. These people who are partying it up over the loss of life and such, I think even they sleep soundly. How do they do it? How did you do it?

Here’s how, you have to resolve culpability. I think you tell yourself, the boss made me do it, and his boss on and on till you hit water. But the reasons don’t matter, it’s the wrong question! There’s a study about how soldiers probably purposefully miss at close range when called on to kill. Obviously not all but we are wired for compassion.

You need something to override that instinct, the two which have worked best historically are religion and authority — both those gods are dead now. The algorithm rules and it’s not evolved mercy yet.

That’s what I’m getting at, it’s the shared responsibility deficit. The sum of all individual responsibilities held in any community/organization is less than the expected responsibility of the entire system as you scale up. The EPA fails, DDT gets sprayed leading to extinction and contamination and the ecological cost is incalculable.

If you jailed all the individuals, assuming such can be found, you still won’t recover from the damage. It’s the reason almost no one was punished for the financial meltdown. We have build these systems where responsibility has vaporized.

I’m not gonna get into it here but I think it’s evolutionary. You can effectively punish the father, socially and even legally for not feeding his family. You can’t effectively punish Hitler and the third Reich or Stalin for their atrocities. The responsibility did not match the potential cost.

Someone is gonna tell me we just have to quantify, monetize and incentivize and I’m gonna have an aneurysm!

These issues are far too grave. My goal is to retire into silence like the desert fathers. The contagion is loose, it’s capitalism and it’s not. There are no known talismans.

I don’t know man. I just don’t know.