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I have a friend who still listens to vinyl. He’s never been fully capable of articulating it but he claims to distrust ‘things that aren’t real’; he’s also a computer guy but vehemently denies the ‘reality’ of digital music. Is that sorta kinda what u mean?

I was talking to a Muslim co-worker and she was telling me how in Islam the conviction based out of inquiry and deduction is that the innocent do not suffer and therefore Jesus couldn’t have died on the cross. Essentially for her reality and observation had to be subjected to reason.

I thought this was fascinating, also bullshit, but humor me. Isn’t it true that we can’t trust the evidence of our eyes sometimes. Heliocentricity etc. There has to be a way of classifying domains where we must mistrust observation until proof (science generally) as well as the opposite (religion and spirituality generally).

My point, I think is that it’s cool, perhaps a privilege to choose our reality. Perhaps this is what madness is; an inability to choose your reality. Your brain makes the choice for you and the choice — according to the rest of us, is wrong. Hmmm. Who knows!

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