We should at least take care of our own as enthusiastically.
Money is a funny thing.

I have to spend time unfortunately around people conducting 4K and 5K surgeries on their dogs and cats. There are families getting thrown out of their homes within knowledge if not sight of these people.

One time in a meeting one of them shared with us without a flinch how she’d gone ‘horse shopping’ over the weekend with her daughter.

I don’t even know man, I really don’t. My Grandfather always said the poor suppose they’d do better with the wealth of the rich until they themselves become rich.

Maturity confirmed the truth of his saying, that I won’t. I’ve seen members of my family become very wealthy in one generation and witnessed first hand how almost overnight the dynamics of a new tax bracket changed their socio-economic and political perspectives. I’m not better than them. Money does things to people.

I wish I’d be the one to end childhood malnutrition at a fraction of Facebook and Googles revenues. That somehow I’d manage to give low interest loans to working families looking to grow their business plans and ideas. That I’d help at that level governments combat poor sanitation and access to potable drinking water.

I’m afraid I’d be sitting on tropical beaches, banging chics and sipping coconuts, lol! I’ve given up on the ‘money solution’. Make no mistake I understand much good ‘comes by the strength of the ox’ but boy how many it gores, how many casualties and externalities?

I’m comfortable, not too comfortable but I lack nothing. Frankly I’d rather this than their big homes which require strangers to clean. I’d rather this than their expensive cars which suggest ‘refined tastes for the finer things in life’ but to me only betray their need for validation and recognition by proxy.

Funny how poor people just want to help the poor until they wake up rich and ‘understand how the poor remain poor’. There’s a reason the desert fathers left society, yes they sought the God of the wilderness but I suspect even they would have wanted to shake off the curse of humanity.

Kyrie eleison!

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