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In better times you’ll be read for entertainment or someone will — Google’s backing this up on 5 continents just to be sure, now it’s impossible. Donald Trump is the canary in the coal mine, only the exits are caved in.

Great whilst it lasted I suppose. It’s not all hell and brimstone, life is like grass in the cracks of concrete. Something of this will survive, always has.

Might even be Elon Musks backup plan of humans on Mars but something will survive, either in truth or our wishful thinking. Sounds like someone admiring roses in summer and sticking the finger to the oncoming winter.

Imagine this is what the world looked like to the smart ones, DaVinci, Von Neuman, Montaigne etc. They all laughed though, what was so funny? If only we could all be blissfully ignorant like Trump Supporters, a generalization I won’t apologize for.

It’s all eerily like knee-dragging in motorcycling, one is rapidly falling to the ground but catastrophe seems impossibly averted by the laws of centripetal physics. Everyone in the stands is hoping the inevitable happens and the bottom drops. No one is this lucky, mouths agape as we roll the cylinder and pull the trigger. Smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts, drunk on hubris.

The fools the only happy ones, as in Sundays gospel “All is vanity!” Perhaps the answer lies in abandonment, even earth is abandoned to geospatial forces. It’s all as it should be!

After our frenzied fecundity in the 19th and 20th centuries now we enter the post-coital narcolepsy of the 21st. We’ll tell the children ‘you should have seen us in our day, we did it everywhere, every way!’ as we grope around seeking support for weak knees and replaced hips!

Everything will be alright in the end, if it’s not — wait for the end!

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