No need to wink Jomo. You still seem to be in denial that I could be black. lols.
Olatunji Jesutomisin

It’s saddened me greatly how a place can hold such great promise and misery in the same breath.

How the blind with site restored refuses to step out into the light! You can’t get 3 black men to agree on their path to progress. I’ve explored language, culture, oppression and their convergence. Nothing avails. Sowell has demonstrated those limitations exist elsewhere with varied outcomes.

I have no plans of returning to Africa, that place demands more time and patience than I have. I love her though, as only a native can.

Hegel suggest progress cannot be willed, that there’s a hidden but necessary ingredient. How for instance the Greeks had to be rediscovered for their findings to reach fruition. A great excuse I know but none better to explain the insanity which passes for governance in nearly all of Africa.

It’s shameful sometimes introducing oneself as a product of about the most barren place on earth. Africa is the castrated dog, great for everyone’s pity and entertainment but useless unto itself. Congo? Really?

I imagine some Cambrian explosion finally and precipitously catapulting us into the class of the accomplished. Who knows? For now I’d settle for less suffering. Silicon Valley can wait, just feed and educate the children!

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