That freaks me out.

It’s simple actually, suffering is evidenced in physiological markers and facial patterns — which a camera can pick up as well as actions. A combination of sensors (implants and wearables), monitors will pick these up from your environment aggregate it with your bank account transactions say. Voila!

See that, it’s the kind of arrogance that’s gonna eventually push the wrong button. Those are things that came to mind after the Yerba, am average intelligence and yet some brilliant engineering grad takes that kind of hubris seriously. He’s going to advance the species they say.

“If a man can do it, we can teach it to a robot!” I just sat there, he was far more educated than me and everyone in the audience was credentialed and nodding in agreement. I took a shower afterwards.

“This my friends is why there are only mushrooms, mosquito’s and roaches left!” — a tour guide to preschoolers in the near* future, probably! Haha!

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