Diary of a Sex Tourist
Peter Schafer

Man, you people amaze me! Look at all the ‘love’ you are getting in the comments section?! Where did you grow up? What is your world view? You think this is empowerment? In a global economy of the scale we have, you think it laudable that the best we can do for women in impoverished regions is give them the right to market perhaps all that’s left of their dignity and humanity? Have you even thought and asked yourself how we got here? Is there perhaps some vague chance that this ‘system of things’ — so called democratic capitalism is not the best way to organize society? You terrify me, people like you — with your expensive camera’s capturing cool vignettes about these ‘real women’ who have ‘earned your respect’ and ‘become your friend’. You’ve lost your own humanity! Picture that child your ‘friend’ goes to visit? What questions is she asking at 15? “Mum, what does the future hold?” “Take care of your looks, for all you have to bring to the ‘market place’ is your vagina — be grateful that you are legally allowed to sell it?!” I’m Catholic and will need confession after this but give me a fucking break! Do you want to know how fucked up we are? Read this article. Heavens, are we even capable of thinking beyond breakfast? I could go on but this leaves me so hopeless and heartbroken. It’s a terrifying spectacle when we must give reasons why prostitution should be legalized; we are no longer discussing the injustice of the murder but the ‘victims right to be killed’— it means the goalpost is not even sight! One of these days we are all going to wake up, dead!

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