It’s all fiction, specially when it involves language.

No, fiction is life abstracted. Average intelligence knows much has been left to clean the signal. We don’t ask why Ceasar didn’t heed the warning. Duh! Cos it’s “Julius Ceasar!”

You know this dialectic; girls/women live it forever — men not so much.

Someone says so what you think of X and you say “Fuck’em!” and they say why are you being judgmental towards X and you say “Pff, X isn’t even real!”. (This is where most of my relationships failed in high-school! Imagine my horror upon the discovery!)

They counter with “what if X was a person?” Soon enough we are arguing about the feelings of fictional people who happen to materialize from time to time and now possess the speaker; just too many threads for your average man. So I clean the vomit and leave her on the ceiling; nothing drains like possession. People are too complex, we invented Math for something we could circumscribe and gave it two axis for most people!

Remember the story about Solomon’s judgment on the living child? I’m the woman who’s child is about to be slaughtered.

I’ll come check on him from time to time, till then (s)he’s yours! ;-)

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