is worthy of total trust
The Potential Downside to Loving Yourself
Melissa Joy Kong

So Fulton Sheen has this theology of love which goes something like this (I believe it’s also CS Lewis and from there who knows?).

No one can bear the excruciating look of a committed relationship; invariably we grow tired of each other. When we do, much like Deida said; and I suspect he was being PC we need ‘God’ whatever that translates into for us.

For those of Judeo-Christian leanings ‘God is Love’ is about as basic as it gets. I think we first fall in love with a person and then we have to fall through love with them into something that can sustain the gaze of love.

[In short] I think for any two people to really love and enjoy each other; they must love something outside of themselves but together. Kinda like how teenagers bond over skate-boarding or basketball. It’s in the pursuit of the shared gaze that love can be sustained.

You know how under certain conditions the landscape starts moving instead of the car or train? Yeah that; but you have to maintain that gaze otherwise reality asserts itself.

My point I think is that love is a delusion, a blissful delusion and to sustain it we must ride the very edge of the wave, like surfers. In reality human beings are about as ugly as it gets (cosmic view) but love is the door of escape. Love suspends reality such that we ‘see the landscape moving and us standing still’.

Of course the train or car is the one moving and it’s headed nowhere but as long as we can believe the landscape is moving our anxiety of destination is suspended. It’s the earth that now has to worry about where it’s headed.

I swear there was a point when I started typing.

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