The Hand that Gives

Suffering must go somewhere at night to rest; almost all aid says “I’ll help out if you let me . . . .” For want of a better metaphor “he that wishes to come after me must take up his cross and follow me!” Everyone wants to fight until they learn that it’s not all ‘kicking ass and taking names’ but getting your ass kicked and your name taken. There is no helplessness than that which wants for nothing and yet lacks for everything, like a loveless marriage few survive it for long and of those that do none with their souls intact. First it was let’s throw money at the problem (which Dambisa Moyo addresses in her Dead Aid), then followed ‘let’s empower locals or the NGO model’ now it’s ‘building real relationships’. What if it’s not ours to fix or solve, “all human action is folly!” Thanks for trying though, only the coward calls Sisyphus a fool.

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